339. The phenomenon that mainland tourists are seized for extortion often happens in Hong Kong. The Chinese government should protect people’s interests.

23 July 2017

Today’s news is about the event that mainland tourists are kidnapped and forced again to consume in Hong Kong.

Such event is commonly seen and has existed for about a decade. A tourist has been beaten to death.

The manner that the Chinese government has taken is to reduce major issues to minor ones, and then minor issues to naught. It’s called as “harmonious society”.

 “Harmonious society” can’t be interpreted in this way that “harmonious society” will not let offenders well alone or take an ostrich policy.

 “Harmonious society” needs fairness and justice firstly, and then “harmony”.

People’s life is threatened and money swindled. The government must get their money back, and the offenders deserve punishment, which is fairness and justice.

The Chinese government can’t implement sovereignty abroad and thus can only pursue and capture the escaped criminals if the victims’ money is swindled.

But Hong Kong is a part of China and within the sovereignty scope of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government must protect the interests of Chinese people and uphold fairness and justice within its sovereignty scope.

It has constituted the crime of kidnapping for ransom and has completely been criminal act to force the tourists to go shopping or let them suffer personal abuse and menace if they refuse to do so in a shopping tour. The government should redress the injustice and uphold justice for people, bring lawbreakers to justice and get illicit money back.

Tanks will enter into Hong Kong for military control if you don’t hand the offenders over the mainland immediately for punishment and get money back to people.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is unable to control crime, so the mainland government should take over the public security of Hong Kong.

The reason why some Hong Kong people hate mainlander is that a large number of Hong Kong people used to be dissidents in mainland who escaped to and settled down in Hong Kong. They have deep-rooted hatred against mainland. It’s these people who took the mainland tourists into custody and conducted illegal robbery and still got shielded and connived by the Hong Kong Government.

There are a large number of dissidents in the Hong Kong Government who extremely turn against and bear a deep malice towards the mainland government.

They are unable to figure out the situation and need to see the situation clearly with the help of tank, prison and indoctrination through labor.