330. We need to provide the terrorists with weapons so that they can be killed on the battlefields.

30 May 2017

Recently, the United States have sold quite many weapons to the Middle-Eastern nations, which aroused the grudging of some Europeans.

This is exactly where people's foolishness lies: should the terrorists be killed on the battlefields, or should they be killed while conducting terrorist attacks in western nations.

We sell weapons to the terrorists, hoping that they would fight wars like soldiers in the battlefields in the Middle East and eventually they would all die on the battlefields.

If the terrorists have no weapons, they would disguise themselves as he refugees and go to Europe for launching terrorist attacks, slaughtering the innocent Europeans with trucks and home-made bombs.

The demon and the God are going to have a decisive battle rather than hide for the time being and continue to do evils when the God turns its back around.

My dear fellows in Europe don't get caught in a catch-22! Trust the magic of money!

If you want to make money, try solving the unemployment problem. You can also sell huge amounts of weapons to the Middle Eastern nations. Nobody is opposed to this.

The Middle-east needs weapons. The Middle East needs wars.

When those who deserve to die out have not died, those who do not deserve to die will be killed. You should let all those damned man die on the battlefields.