329England and Egypt had been attacked by terrorism recently, which indicating Muslims are all terrorists.

27 May 2017

England and Egypt had been attacked by terrorism of IS recently.

When journalist interviewed local Muslims, they expressed sympathy and support to the terrorism attack by Islamic terrorists, which indicates all the Muslims have the same ideas and behavior. They are against humanity and civilization. No one can make sure that Muslim is a terrorist or not.

No One Could Tell Whether A Muslim Is A Radical is an article I wrote in 9 December 2015. Now I add it to my book Century Sentence. I hope you can buy one to read.

At least Islam’s fundamentalism, Wahhabi and Salafi are guilty. And it is one thing about how to deal with them. But to convict them is the other thing.

If we do not face the problem, we cannot solve the problem forever. Also, if we do not admit the problem, the problem will be there forever.

What we need to face is that all the Muslims are guilty, and they all are terrorists. The only difference is that some have acted in the public and some have not. Some are terrorists with weapons, and some are not. And there also are some terrorists providing political protection, weapon supply, medical aids, financial support and training.

First, we should admit that they all have problems, and they all are terrorists and potential terrorists. And convict all Muslims, and then discuss how to deal with them.

As for the terrorists with weapon, we should exterminate them. As for the terrorists without weapons, we should reshape their ideology.

My articles and books aim at the transformation of their ideology. If it does not bring any effect, we need to exterminate them.

To promote and sell my books is also make transformation of their ideology.

I find that Syrian government and Iraqi government will win the war soon. And those terrorists with weapons will be exterminated soon.

After that, we should make transformation for those terrorists without weapons.

We need to burn their Koran. Someone revolting is demon, and he or she needs to be put to death.

It is a symbol of winning the war of transformation of ideology to burn their Koran.

To burn Koran does not mean betray Allah, but the real ideology of Allah.

Allah has predicted Koran will destroy the world several thousand years ago, so there is a self-destroy program in Koran. There is a clear expression in Koran that we need to burn all Koran now.

Koran [17:86]

And if We please, We should certainly take away that which We have revealed to you, then you would not find for it any protector against Us.

All the Muslims, upon the will of Allah, take the initiative to burn all the Koran and the Muslim hadith. This is obedience to Allah. And do things according to the will of Allah.