324. The White Helmets is an Islamic fraud organization spreading around the world. It specializes in cheating the stupid westerners.

8 April 2017

We have gotten some evidences from the internet that the White Helmets pretend that civilians and children are bombed and hurt by poison gas. Actually, it is proven that those pictures chased by westerners are forged by actors to cheat westerns.

The evidence shows that IS and the White Helmets are spy organizations specially established under the instigation of Israel for overturning the regime of Syria.

They don’t cure the sickness and save patients at all, but shoot a film or mythological TV play. They just make up stories to cheat westerns.

There is a picture showing an actor is killed with an explosion, full of ash on his face. In the next picture, the ashy deceased embraces the White Helmets and they take a group photo with smiles. They are a group of professional cheaters.

The Muslim hadith mentions that Dajjal presenting in the times is IS and the White Helmets.

Dajjal means “cheaters” in Arabic. They are “one-eye people and really bad. They have the ability to cheat and get away with it under camouflage.

The Muslim hadith describes as follows, “A one-eyed person is really bad, with red hair and a lame. He is a big fat liar and saboteur. His right eye is hideous and projecting. He can’t bear children and there is a “denier” word on his head. After he was born, he talks nonsense to improve human society and guide a right way. He also claims himself as the Lord of the world. He owns the miraculous ability to display the mirage heaven and hell. During the process of propaganda, many people follow up with him and are cheated by him. Most of them are Jews. His appearance is the greatest suffering for humans. From the ancestor (Adam) to the end of the world, there is no such a disaster, he have done countless anomalies in the form of degradation instead of promotion. He will destroy everything in the earth. In addition to Mecca and Medina, smog is filled between the East and the West for forty days. Just like a cold, the disbelievers are similar to drunken men. Smog emits form his nose, ears and orifices. Finally, the prophet Jesus is dispatched to the world and to kill Dajjal

I think the behavior that Americans bombed Syria might be cheated by Dajjal. I notice that Israel cheers at it, just like the scene described in the Muslim hadith.

If the word “White Helmets” continues presenting in news, terrorist attack aiming at westerns will be continuous.

Westerns will bleed continuously. They will be attacked by terrorists. This is the result that you believe in Dajjal.