315. Westerners who oppose Trump resemble the "The Great Whore riding a beast” in Revelation.

1February 2017

Many people are surprised by Trump’s presidential election, which is an impossible task in the eyes of ordinary people. His competitors used many dishonest means, such as hiring some tramps and mental patients to disturb his speech, using false votes and votes from people even not exist etc. Trump, however, won a landslide victory on the basis of one man one vote and existing election rules.

This was God’s presence, and he chose Trump. So people who opposed Trump are against God.

Who on earth is against God and against the man chose by God? Actually it is "The Great Whore riding a beast” in the Revelation according to the Bible.

Book of Revelations Chapter17 verse4

The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.

The whore has two characteristics:

She was quite rich.

Trump’s opponents are mostly the rich and people with vested interests, stars, bosses of science and technology enterprise, media and so on. However, his supporters are mostly people with declining living condition, the jobless and the poor.

Quite licentious

Without principle, justice and fairness, she could betray anything as long as there is benefit. She also supported homosexuality. It is called carnality.

Book of Revelations Chapter17 verse13

They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast.

The beast is Satan.

The whore rode the beast, and gave authority to the beast. It means that some people in western countries cooperated with devils against God. They let devils hold power and replace the law of God with the ideology and the law of devils.

God demands people to be justice, and devils are willing to take place of God, so they are against fairness and justice.

God hates homosexuality, and devils want to legalize homosexuality.

The whore is commonly known as political correctness. The fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar used the money earned from oil to fund the Clinton foundation, buy in European and American politicians and provide support, help, political protection, weapon, training of terrorist and logistical support to their Radical Islamic sects, such as Wahhabi, and Salafi.

The United States and Western countries supported Sunni countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to attack Yemen and slaughter its people, which was guilty of serious war crimes. Britain, the United States and political correctness provided Saudi Arabia with a large number of weapons and massacred civilians in Yemen.

Their so-called "human rights, anti - genocide, anti - slaughter, fraternity, equality" is all nonsense on the Yemen’s issue, which was used as an excuse for providing terrorists with weapons. In fact, after they took the money from Saudi Arabia, "human rights, anti - genocide, anti - genocide, fraternity, equality" was just their object for sale.

Devils Wahhabi Saudi did bad things, buying political correctness and whores to get the support of Europe and the United States.

Political correctness handed Libya's weapons through Turkey to terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and their professed moderate opposition proved nonexistent.

A United States Representative did a survey in Syria; it showed that Syrian people do not recognize the existence of moderate opposition.

political correctness were whores and the wings of devils; they took money from devils and gave them help. With no justice, no fairness and no principle, they help devils against humanity and civilization; they were shameless, and God pointed that in the Bible.

political correctness’ so-called human rights, religious freedom and equality were total nonsense. About culture inclusiveness, Islam has no religious freedom. The Koran clearly pointed out that to kill all non-believers, that is to kill all kafirs and sent them to hell.

Islam is totally intolerant of people and other religions. Women in Islam cannot marry non Muslims, which is purely cultural aggression and there is no cultural inclusiveness at all. While political correctness accept Muslim’s money, speak for them, provide support to them and talk nonsense regardless of the fact. This is the alliance with devils.

After 2012, the Koran and other religions lost their power and were unable to lead human civilization. Then devils captured Islam and a large part of Islam is controlled by them. Moreover, a large part of Islam's creeds is anti human and anti civilization, which need to discuss, criticize, delete and correct.

Trump just told the truth according to God's will, and fought with devils. Campaigns include firefight on the battlefield and ideological warfare.

The first step on the battlefield is to destroy the IS and terrorist organizations, which is the first priority and the surface work.

And actually solving the problem is an ideological campaign. If the ideological problem not solved, the war can never be over, and devils would continuously send apostles and fight against God.

And Trump's restrictions on immigration were the first step of the ideological war.

Right and wrong, good and evil, devils whores or God's disciples, all of these distinguished, classified and showed their true color from here.

The enemies of Trump’s immigration policy are either devils or whores. No matter which one they belong to, they are against god.

I think those who oppose Trump immigration policy should turn their subjects to "whether there are doctrines against humanity, anti civilization Islam ";and "whether Islam need to discuss, criticize, delete, modify.”

If we figure out this the question, then the question of right and wrong, good and evil and whether you are converted to God or with the devil will be clear.

It is also the will of the God for countries to protect their own land and their interests. The basic responsibility of the state and the political power is to protect the fundamental interests of its people.

Trump was acting in accordance with God's will, so to oppose Trump and is to oppose God.

This is not about inclusiveness, tolerance and forgiveness problems, but about justice or evil, anti civilization or destruct the civilization, anti human or save mankind, follow God or help devil. It is also a question that we must choose and can’t be avoided.