313.Criminals disfiguring a women tourist in Lijiang need to be beheaded

26 January 2017

These days, an event is heatedly debated on the network, that is a gang of rogues beat a female tourist in a restaurant brutally, cut her face by piece of glass bottle and shot it into a video for memorial.

I have just been to Lijiang, a place inhabited mostly by ethnic minority and Han people there just accounted for a small portion.

Close to the southwest edge of China's railway line, Lijiang is an mountainous area with less developed economy and large population of ethnic minority.

In general, China's ethnic minorities are scattered on the border areas of china, so that transportation there is inconvenient and the economy less developed than that in other areas.

For some reason, the police did not disclose the identity of the assailants. I estimate that they belongs to the minority nationality.

China has a large number of minority autonomous regions not including Lijiang, but it is surrounded by several minority autonomous regions.

Only ethnic minority in China dare to run amuck at societyis so fearlessly. They receive ultra national treatment in China and their punishment of beating, killing and doing bad things are different from people in big cities.

That is called "ethnic minority policy" in China whose sympathy to and harboring, connivance and forgiveness of minority criminals can be seen from ways of police investigation.

The perpetrators said it was clear: "They are not afraid of the police as they are with the police."

Such kind of thing may be very normal in the United States, but a big event in China because in China it is a rare case that criminals call themselves as family of police, beat woman, disfigured her and shoot video in the scenic area, of course, except for Islamic terrorists.

From the analysis of the most primitive psychological motive, the event is all out of the super-national treatment of ethnic minority. They assume that the Han people has occupied their land and have a request from them, so what do Han people dare to do with them? - "Han people, do you accept it? If don’t, tomorrow I will declare independence."

Although no one speaks openly, but that is what they believe. If you dare not speak, let me help you. Let me express what are in your mind.

Why did God give the Arabs the Koran? It is because they live in harsh desert area lacking living materials.

With the Koran, Arabs’ population grows.

So the "Koran" is specifically apply to people living in poor areas. 

While the democratic system and the concept of human rights suits only capitalist countries with  highly developed economy.

The idea of democracy is completely inapplicable to such poor area as Lijiang, the result of which is the disfigured woman who is able to directly shoot horror film without make-up.

Lijiang, a poor area, is fully applicable to the Koran, and according to the law of Saudi Arabia, those rogue shall be beheaded.

Without severe law like Koran, it is impossible to regulate rogue behavior in Lijiang.

The place is more poor, the more applicable the Koran, which represent justice.

We should treat people in people’s way, while the demon in demon’s way defined in Koran.

This event is not a isolated case in Lijiang, as a few years ago there were tour guides abusing visitors, which was shot by a video spreading on network.

In fact, it all boils down to remoteness and poverty of minority areas. Seeing crowds of wealthy tourists in their hometown, they are distorted in mind with serious jealousy and hatred to the rich. Abusing, beating and disfiguring tourists are a vent of such abnormal psychology.

Ideology, culture and social rules of the rich are completely inapplicable to poor areas, as the poor  have a set of logic, ways of thinking, and codes of conduct of their own. The reason of local police and government being considered a family is that they have a common living environment, culture, ideology and logical thinking.

In the eyes of the locals, the disfigurement is called minor injuries, a matter of a few hundred yuan for medical expenses. While for the disfigured women, it is a serious injury that hundreds of thousands, or even millions of yuan can not cure. This is the difference between the poor and the rich in culture, ideology and values.

Treating the poor with the law of the rich will provide rogues with surviving space and political protection.

This is why the revolution of Arab Spring does not work in the Middle East.

God tells the people through the Koran: "In economically underdeveloped areas, need to be more brutal to deal with brutality, need to be more cruel to deal with cruelty, need to be more irrational to treat irrationality, need to use more bloody to treat bloody.

Human’s language is used when talking with human being, while demon’s language must be adopted talking with demon. The language that the demon understands are savage, cruelty irrationality and blood. Only in this way can those who convert to God be protected, and the demon can be driven away.

There are no price for the majority of goods and restaurants in Lijiang and Dali's tourist attractions. Goods and food there will be tagged with names but no price. Once I went to a roadside booth, two steamed bun I think the cheapest are several times more expensive than that in the big cities. In large cities, standardized market environment, such conduct is purely a commercial fraud.

I am willing to buy things with price tag even it is expensive. Without price and selling expensively, it is a commercial fraud.

Do they really don’t know that pricing goods is the most basic rules of doing business, or do they believe that they needn’t price tag because of their hospitality ?

Or do they think that the rich is granted to be swindled?

Or the local government does not regulate the market, and Trade and Industry Bureau does not investigate such a fraud?

Or the local government and the lawbreakers are simply working together?

Because they have a common living environment, culture, ideology and logical thinking, they were essentially a family.

The steamed bun reflects the attitude of the locals and it is not difficult to understand the psychological motives of disfiguring the woman tourist - the rich hatred. Hating and bullying the rich are the psychological distortions in the whole ethnic minority areas from top to bottom.

Gentlemen love fortune in a proper way. The poor area need prosperity, but should in proper and appropriate ways rather than through the rich hating and bullying. The rich do not owe you anything. Tourism of the rich to the poor places is a way to help the locals get rich as well.

Dealing with the rich in such mentalities and ways is what a demon does.