301. Failure of the German refugee policy proves Westerners’ “hypocrisy”

21 September 2016

Now, the German leaders have recognized the failure of refugee policy, showing that Westerners’ so called values all belong to “hypocrisy”, which cannot solve any problems but makes the greater trouble and the demon.

Originally, refugees are refused in Germany, even including a weak girl.

I said that Westerns’ values and humanitarianism all belong to “hypocrisy”. However, they do not admit it and accept a large number of refugees to boast their “true good”.

After one year, “hypocrisy” is finally broken. They have to declare failure and admit policy mistakes.

After all, “hypocrisy” is deceptive, false and superficial, so it can blind people’s eyes just for a short time.

Baghdad has revealed the essence of the refugee issue clearly: “Islam has never been a peaceful religion in all ages.” So the people who believe in Islam are doomed to be refugees.

The issue of refugees is the issue of Islam in nature, which is about ideology.

All “hypocrisy” will not admit it, so it will never succeed.

Doing nothing or doing unsuccessful things for refugees is “hypocrisy”, because you cannot solve any problems but make troubles for indigenous people, so that indigenous people suffer from the demon’s control. You are so irresponsible.

God founded Islam thousands of years ago, but God left Islam from 2012, which was occupied by the demon. So, Muslim worship the demon rather than God five times a day.

In the Bible, God says “Muslim worship the beast and the beast image”.

Correctly, we should collect all refugees on a small island, who are provided by the most basic pork-containing food, water and the Bible. And then they should shut their door and reflect on misdeeds, which can maintain their lives, complete the humanitarianism and transform their ideology with no any impact on residents in the countries.

For Christians and people who are well – educated, we only accept those who are willing to integrate into Western society and allow them to enter Europe to look for a job, but others are not allowed to leave the island.

I have always adhered to this opinion all the time, and I think it is the only right way to treat refugees, but any other action is wrong and “hypocritical”.

The “hypocrisy” is the essence of the whole Western values, as what God says, “The Great Whore riding on the beast.”

Westerners, with no justice or value of right and wrong, only boast themselves for their own profits but cannot solve any problems for both Israel and refugees.

Guided by the values, Westerners are indulged in a life of pleasure and comfort with no will to give birth to future generations, resulting in the Western population aging. So they need to introduce Muslims to be engaged in cheap labor to pay pensions for the old.

You are so naive, ignorant and self-deceiving to think that the introduction of refugees will be able to solve the shortage of pensions, the lack of labor and the refugee problem.

The demon can be manipulated and used by you, so it cannot be called the demon.

True good is helpful to fundamentally and permanently solve the problem, and reduce social costs as much as possible.

The ideological transformation of Islam through the public opinion with removal of the demon can solve the problem in essence gradually.

All “hypocrisy” dare not admit the demon and face the demon.