298. If telecommunication frauds make victims commit suicide, swindlers should be executed.

7 September 2016

Everything has its vanquisher in the world, and one thing would be overcome by another once it exceeds the scope.

Telecommunication frauds become more and more violent in China, like frauds committed by Taiwanese and frauds cheating university students out of their tuition.

Why it would become unscrupulous? It is mainly caused by the free-death theory developed from the western human rights theory.

Seen from the behavior, swindlers just tell a lie, since people won’t be executed for telling lies, and telling lies is nearly irrelevant to the execution.

If swindlers are executed just for telling lies, westerns would argue that it violates human rights, especially the right of personal liberty and democratic rights.

This is another case demonstrating that westerns collude with demons to betray the god.

Similarly, the conviction of swindlers should not merely be based on behaviors, while the results and essence are also equally important.

 Killing for money” is offensive to God and it should be sentenced to death. This is a traditional Chinese culture, as well as the will of God for the Chinese.

If telecommunication frauds result in death, it is completely in conformity with all elements of killing for money, including money and lives killed. Therefore, swindlers (including the chief plotter or the one making phone calls), either mainlanders or Taiwanese, much be executed if lives are suicided. But a rope can be provided for them to suicide, and it would save troubles for all of us.