292.  A French leader says that the west need terrorist attacks more.

18 July 2016

"Islamic satanic terrorist attacks like that in Nice will increase constantly. People have to get used to that for it will be common in the future." A French leader says today.

Because it is Muslims' implementation in the Koran and it's a reasonable request of Muslims, it should be satisfied.

People must synchronize with this pious rational religious behavior.

Just as a masochist being raped, whipped and burned by butts, he may still shout excitedly, feeling stimulated and crazy.

Fuck me one more time. Don't stop.

I think that the Islamic holy warriors are not struggling, earnest or pious towards their work. They are in a perfunctory manner towards the task written by Allah in the Koran.

Westerners are in need of great excitement, stimulation, and attacks of terrorism, which you cannot afford.

They lack sexual ability, and cannot possess 72 virgins after the death.

Allah is sulky.

And virgins need to be halved.

Homosexuals are so common in western word. There are few of real men.

So it's logical that Allah wants to throw the homosexuals down mortally.

Men are not like men and women are not like women in the West.

They need the stimulation from holy warriors.

It is helping them regain self-esteem to humiliate the cowards.

Jihad needs to set an example to the Westerners, and tell them who is a real man or real woman.

I have a thought that Duthel Te, the new president of Philippines, is a real man. His measures to arrest drug dealers take effect in a few days.

It deserves a commendableness that sixty thousands of drug dealers give themselves up after several drug dealers killed.

That is real work off steam. So it is easy that all of the world prohibits drug.

The real reason why drugs are widespread is that the westerners betray the God. The Great Whoreare in league with the demons.

They are so shameless neglecting righteousness due to the purpose of earning black money.

They need Jihad to stimulate and excite them vigorously, and to satisfy their reasonable requests.