291. Raising dogs without eating their meat belongs to the mushrikeen.

13 June 2016

In my childhood, I had been bitten by my neighbor's dog who had just given birth to puppies. It almost bit everyone including me.

I'm sick of dogs. All dogs even the golden retriever bark at me when they see me. I lived with a neighbor for nine years, and their dog barked at me for consecutive nine years, without a pause of a day. Therefore, I hate dogs very much.

I hope that one day the world will promote the Dog Meat Festival, and every family will eat the dog meat.

Raising a dog belongs to a kind of indulgence or spiritual paraphilia. And of course there are other people not only indulging in spiritual paraphilia but also in flesh paraphilia, which seems like more evil.

How to distinguish between the spiritual paraphilia and general entertainment is eating the dog meat.

If people raise dog just to eat its meat, then they can do it. They can raise dogs for meat supply as well as making fun on it. This behavior can’t be called the spiritual paraphilia.

Keeping dogs or other pets and can't bear to eat theirs meat, then belong to the spiritual paraphilia, which has violated the Bible and can be regarded as betraying God and the mushrikeen. This behavior should be punished.

Buddha says that all creatures are equal. That is reasonable. Every animal is equal. No distinction! The distinction symbolizes the discrimination. To hate a snake is to discriminate against a snake. To hate a crow is to discriminate against a crow. Meanwhile if some animals are given a specific status, it also violates the law of all beings being equal. It is also the God’s reveal.

Human have no right to give any animal a special status, which can only be done by the God. God authorizes human the special rights to manage all the animals and plants on the ground.

It is only human that have the special status, but any other animals are equal.

People need to eat not only dog meat but also the meat of any animals you like except for those poisonous ones. But vegetarians can be exceptions.

I hope human beings can remember forever: God only is the supreme who can let us killed everybody and eat any animals. People who go against god will as well as the justice and truth shall be punished, and no one can be free from sin and quibble. There is no exception.

There are many Animal Protection Organization around the world, who seem to be mentally disorder. They protest those famous brand bags made by ostrich and crocodile skins. Why they should look at shoes on their feet? Are not they leather ones? Are not those shoes made from animal skins? Which one is not made from animals? The food you eat and milk you drink in daily life? What qualification do you have to protest? Their thoughts and behaviors belong to evil ones and we should sent them to a labor camp for transforming. These transforming places include manufactory of ostrich products, the restaurant of the dog meat and crocodile skins processing plant. When someone resists, you need to hit them with a whip. They are demons and heresies who go against God.

There remain some rare animals which will be extinct. Those are some damn and inappropriate thing. Let them die and there are no need to save. why do we protect them? Are there good for human beings that pandas die or don’t die? It is just lost a kind of thing in the zoo which can attract audiences. The only loss of pandas extinction for human beings is some tickets. There are no other loss except that.

Some people said that the extinction of species will cause some loss of genes on the earth. I think it is odd. Human beings always think they have been enough developed and they will create if they need some genes. What loss do they have ?

The only explanation is that those genes can not be created by human beings in the near future even with a long time. It can only created by the God. People are unwilling to admit the greatness of God and steal God's achievement. Therefore rare animals need to be protected.