287. Taiwan has sent one hundred thousand spies to destroy the economy of Chinese mainland. This is a war

14 April 2016

There always are phone frauds on the Chinese mainland. What’s more, it is said that 90% of the frauds are from Taiwan and are in an organized way.

Fraudulent groups conduct fraud in an organized way and systematically.  Some people specially collect the bank information of the victims; some people specially make call to fraud; some people specially provide political protection for the fraud and extradite the swindler back to Taiwan, acquitting them.

It is evident that these are acts of war of the secret service of Taiwan who attempt to overthrow the regime of the Chinese mainland, destroy the socialist economic construction and break the economic construction of the Chinese mainland seriously.

So the Chinese mainland should solve the problems of Taiwan by force, protecting people from the destruction of the enemies and spies. This is not a crime but a war.

The multiform frauds on the Chinese mainland can even be called wild.

I myself receive a fraud from phone, message or internet every three days. At first, I called the police. The police thank me for my trust to the public security organization and then the fraud continued, even more than before.

In my opinion, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army but the public security organization can solve the problem. It is beyond the purview of authority of the public security organization and it is a war.

I command that Taiwan authorities bring the one hundred thousand spies to justice. Hand the spies to the Chinese mainland and let them judged by the Chinese mainland, sentence them and let them return the money. Or the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would be sent to attack Taiwan, catch the criminals personally and protect the rights of people.

The Chinese mainland once chased after the democratic society and thought it was paradise. Now the democratic society has descend to a fraud as prostitution and drug trafficking. What’s more, harboring fraud, conniving fraud and fraud in an organized way are included in the democratic society. The countries and districts that are swindled are mainly those which are thought poorer than Taiwan.

Democracy is done, so is Taiwan. The suffering people of Taiwan need be liberated by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Today Malaysia ignore the demand of China, sending 20 swindlers back to Taiwan and acquitting them.

The government of China should send Warcraft and aircraft carrier to intercept Malaysian airliner on the high seas, return the airliner with swindlers to the Chinese mainland, arrest the swindlers and then send back the plane.

There are criminals who will jeopardize national security on the plane and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army should take necessary actions to protect security interests of the motherland.

The government should make an announcement than any airliner with swindlers is not allowed to fly to Taiwan or it will be shoot down.

The swindlers who are remand to the Chinese mainland should hand over the money immediately and return the money to the victims or they will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Even they are beaten to death, sick to death or old to death, they are not allowed to be freed.

Those who hand over the money can go home after an appropriate punishment while those who are unwilling to hand over the money can never be released from the prison.