286.There should be a legislation on compensation of dog hurting people

7 April 2016

Today there is a news, a woman was bitten by a wild cur while the owner fled away with the dog. As walking, the owner said, “if you catch up with me, I will give you compensation”.

There is no wonder that the man who own a dog should practice running every day, for they can flee on time if their dogs hurt someone someday so that they can escape the responsibility and compensation. Buddha said,” everything happens for a reason”. He is so clever and reasonable.

I think there should be a legislation on dog hurting people. What’s more, the legislation should be strictly enforced.

There is management of dogs in China but it’s futile and it can’t protect people.

I think if dogs hurt people, the owner should:

1.Compensate the victim 10 times the amount of the local minimum wage as the compensation for loss of work and mental damage.

2.Compensate the victim 20times the amount of necessary hospitalization costs as the hospitalization costs and follow-up nutrition subsidies.

3.The dogs hurting people should be sentenced to death.

The dog owners should pay a certain amount of third party liability insurance premium when they buy a license for their dogs, just as people should annually inspect the car and buy compulsory insurance for traffic accident of motor-driven vehicle when they buy a car. If you want to keep a dog, you should buy a compulsory canine insurance for it. If there is an accident, some compensation are paid by the dog owner and the other parts are paid by the government from the compulsory canine insurance.

 If the stray dogs hurt people, the government should be responsible for all the compensation. The government doesn’t do a good job in security so they should compensate the victims according to the above standards.

Only in this way can the dog owners supervise their dogs and the stray dogs are killed on time. And there will be no accidents of dogs hurting people. People’s rights can be truly ensured.

Of course you can show love to dogs, but you must have a sense of social responsibility. When you show love to dogs, you can’t do harm to a third party or you are not showing love to dogs.

If you Show love to dogs but hurt and threaten other people, this is not love and it is heresy. The demon has totally controlled the soul of people who love dogs and they should be strictly punished and relentlessly stroke.