283. death penalty should be executed in a civilized way

25 February 2016

Death penalty is executed when someone shall not live in the world, but to depart for another world.

Now, in the civilized society, we should ask condemned criminals to leave politely as if treating them as unwelcome guests.

There is no need to be cruel and bloody, and to be filled with hatred. Someone has done bad things though, we shall make them leave, but we do not have to hate them, as their departure marks an end. It is unnecessary to hate them.

So we must politely execute death penalty. But we are resolute that condemned criminals and intolerable criminals must die. People who shall leave must leave at once, and in a polite way.

Decapitation, burning to death, dismembering, falling to their death or smashing to death is unnecessary, as they are not executed for justice but spread hatred, horror and evil. They are not to punish sins but to intimate the living people, which is also injustice act.

Executing death penalty can ask criminals to choose a way to die.

Death penalty can ask criminals to suicide at regulated location and time. Hanging, cutting, poison and drowning are all allowed and relatively common. Ancient emperors forced ministers to suicide in this way. I am supposed that ancient China is more humane and civilized than modern people.

Criminals can ask for other way to die only if they can execute at regulated location and time, otherwise law-enforcement personnel will execute death penalty, ask them to leave the world in a compulsory way.

Someone who is destined to die must die. But it must be executed in a right way, which is civilized.