256、The Politician Shall Tell Lies Sometimes, but the Philosopher Must Be Honest

21 September 2015

Recently, Li Denghui modifies his previous remark of flattering the Japan. I say I want to attack Taiwan and execute the traitors by shooting so that he changes his words.

Rivers and mountains may be changed, but it’s hard to alter a man’s nature, thus the human nature will not be changed in a few days.

Li Denghui is the traitor and the fact that a person who supports the independence of Taiwan is the traitor cannot be changed.

They know the world situation has been altered and Taiwan has no ability to fight against the mainland’s attacks, thus the nature of traitor can only be temporarily hidden. The traitors will buy time until last moment and wait for the opportunity until cannot be delayed.

It is showed that it must be dependent on the military force to deal with the Taiwan problem. The human nature is ugly and cannot be charged. Therefore, the external force is needed so that the human nature will be compromised.

It is the connotation of human nature: muddle along; someone refuses to be convinced until being faced with grim reality; someone wouldn’t give up until his hope has gone.

The mainland shall take actions to make those Taiwan independence separatist forces drop the idea forever, thus the Taiwan problem must be dealt with by the military force.

The action of hiding one’s capacities and biding one’s time in the past time is called the stalling tactics. When in the bad situation, it shall be delayed for the solution, while in the time with mature opportunities, the force shall be adopted to deal with the problem.

Military Science of Sun Zi says, ‘It is the rule in war: if our forces are ten to the enemy’s one, to surround him; if five to one, to attack him; if twice as numerous, to divide our army into two. If equally matched, we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal in every way, we can flee from him. Hence, though an obstinate fight may be made by a small force, in the end it must be captured by the larger force.’

Now, the situation has been altered so that we don’t have to avoid Taiwan, but shall surround and capture the Taiwanese.

In the most time, the politicians are required to study how to tell lies in order to achieve the goals and protect themselves.

Li Denghui fears he will be killed before long, thus he changes his remarks and say something against his will because he worries he will be executed by shooting before dying of old age.

In addition, Trump is also a dishonest person and he says he loves Muslim.

As we all know, Muslim is the ethnic group that has the largest amount of people in the immigrants with the lowest quality and the most ignorant, most evil, and most barbaric characters, so it is most needed to be rejected.

Trump is opposed to the immigration, but he says he loves Muslims. The people in the world all know why he says that.

A few days ago, the IS terrorist groups called on the Muslim all around the world to execute the lone-wolf attack specifically aimed at the American rich and powerful people as well as the important members of the government.

The Muslim is now looking for the targets and searching for the objects to realise the goal of suicide bombing. And Trump just endorses the anti-immigration thought in time, which is called ‘hitting on the muzzle’. Trump is so scared that he has to change his words and surrenders to the Muslim, thus he unwillingly and reluctantly says he loves Muslim. If Trump don’t change his attitude today, he may be ripped apart by Muslim tomorrow.

The propaganda work of IS is greatly effective because it makes the cannon shut up due to the fear, which is worth to be praised and needs to continuously work hard.

It is shown that the people straddle on the fence and they will be fallen down with the wind direction. In addition, the people don’t know what they need to adhere to and what they shall oppose. No matter the Easterners or Westerners, no matter the poor or the rich, they are always implied by the society, go passively with the stream and cannot manage their own destiny. Since the people’s consciousness scope is limited, they can only see a small size of the zone under the feet when lighten by the light of flashlight, thus the people simply don’t know what is in the place ahead and what other people think. Therefore, they often do some ignorant and wrong things. All the people are the same.

Don’t think the Islamic heresy forces are powerful for that. All of these are illusory. After the wind direction is changed, they will be soon completely vanished.

It doesn’t matter that there is a road or not. When going too much, the road will be appeared.

It is not simply fearful for the Mohammedanism. If we continuously uphold the truth, seek truth from facts, tell the truth and persistently criticise and destroy the forces, the trend will be altered and they will be soon disappeared without a trace and become the rubbish in the history,

Therefore, I say the politicians need to tell lies. Besides, they shall say something dishonest and do something unwilling.

What I hate most is lying. I would like spreading the truth to the whole world. Black is black and white is white, while right is right and wrong is wrong. I will never tell lies.