112、Taiwan’s Democracy Is the World’s Dirtiest Democracy

10 August 2015

Today I see a piece of news, saying Taiwan’s democracy is the world’s dirtiest one. It seems that the author is an American, who regards it as the dirtiest and worst democracy in the world.

As I said before, Hong Kong’s democracy is like a trash, while that of Taiwan is a barrel filled with poison, which is more evil and poisonous than the former.

I also said that Chinese are of high IQ and everyone is extremely shrewd and bad, so they are not entitled to democracy, which is seemingly recognised and confirmed by the whole world.

Those good things that work well in Western countries will soon lose their origin and even become something like cult when adopted in China.

Just look at multi-level marketing. When Amway was first introduced to China, I went to its classes. Amway has witnessed a rapid development in Western countries, with good products and efficient marketing means. There is nothing wrong about it.

However, the current multi-level marketing in China works just like cults, using means of illegal detention, beating, stalking, intimidation, and murdering. It takes armed police and military army to crack it down, with malefactors of every arrest amounting to several thousand. How could this happen?

Chinese people’s IQs are so high that they can do anything as bad as possible. The goods sold by Amway are special products with good quality and adopt a marketing method of word of mouth. But the multi-level marketing businesses in China often sell fake goods, which are commonly sold to their own relatives and friends. Their intention is to cheat and harm their relatives and friends.

Taiwan’s democracy is a cult, just the same as multi-level marketing.

Although there are many flaws in Western democracy, it has advantages, too, with social negotiation and compromise as well as the balance of powers.

But Taiwan’s democracy is a cult. They organise minor students to attack the governments, commit suicide, slander their opponents unconstructively, and disrupt public order.

As a loophole, Taiwan’s democracy becomes a tool, of which politicians take advantage to seek personal gains without talking social negotiation and compromise. Therefore, the government in mainland needs to immediately liberate Taiwan, saving Taiwan people from the barrel of poison.