111、The Taiwan Issue Must Be Solved

7 August 2015

That year, the people of Taiwan ousted Chen Shui-bian from office and helped the Kuomintang come to power. They just hoped that the Kuomintang could have a solution on the cross-strait problem.

When the Kuomintang first came to power, the people had great hopes that it should be the best time to sign a reconciliation agreement on both sides, but ten years later, the people’s hope gradually turns into disappointment. Because everything is still the same.

Instead, the pro-independence become much more irritability. On one hand, the people are very disappointed with the Kuomintang. On the other hand, the Taiwan independence party seems to know exactly the pulse of the continent, so they only hope that Taiwan will take the initiative to surrender and compromise with China, then leave the risk of the war and the responsibility to the next generation.

Bluntly the independence party has calculated the mainland government’s motion that they only hope for peace and dare not fight against Taiwan.

This is what so-called appeasement, and giving face for shame.

Ten years ago, talking about the solution to the Taiwan issue is premature, and unprepared for the mainland, because China’s economic, military power, and international environment was a bit harder for a military solution to Taiwan.

But now you can think about this question.

I think that it is much more appropriate for the mainland to put forward the conciliation problem, as Taiwan always take herself as a big beauty, so she doesn’t like to marry the man from the mainland.

Actually they have already admitted defeat as they take themselves as big beauties. They know they can’t do it, but they still don’t want to give in so easily. However the people of Israel have never thought of themselves as women, they want to be conquerors and they want to conquer the Palestinians.

To the Taiwanese, no matter who mentions the settlement problem will be thought to make mean, sell themselves, black-box operation, etc.

This kind of thing must be the man. And you must give the Taiwanese a reason that they can’t refuse. Then they will submit.

I think that when China can use force smoothly to solve the Taiwan issue, they should make a more appropriate settlement or negotiate a settlement for the Taiwan. Let the people of Taiwan referendum. If it failed, then we can let the department of defence make a plan for an attack by using force to solve the Taiwan issue.

1. From the recent sunflower movement, and the curriculum, the idea of the Taiwanese people in the development are towards the direction of the vicious, but not to the direction of the settlement. The longer the time, the cost the next generations spending on the solution to the Taiwan issue will be much higher. So the Taiwan question must be resolved as soon as possible.

2. If the settlement of referendum can’t pass, it also illustrates the deterioration of the Taiwan people. When the forces of evil is more and more power, then our dream for the settlement will be in tatters. The longer the time the difficulty of the solution to the Taiwan issue for the posterity will be much higher. As long as the referendum is not through, then we should immediately open the war and use the military force to solve the problem.

3. We should let the Taiwan people clearly know that the Chinese government’s determination and do not let the Taiwan independence party take any chances, fantasise, what’s more, we should let them know that the longer the time, the more people will die in these things. No matter how many people die, the things must be solved.

4. If someday it needs the Chinese government to use force to solve the Taiwan issue, the person like Lee Teng-hui who expressed traitorous, pro-independence remarks must be treason, all is shot and never is forgiven. Now you can say anything, and we just take it as a joke, but when the time comes, the old account and the new account will be dealt with together, so you need to merit doing good.

I think the solution to the Taiwan issue is to set up two new departments.

1. The cross-strait reconciliation leading group, who can organise and lead on both sides of the settlement negotiations.

2. The combat command, who can regularly issue Taiwan’s military and deployment.

If the two departments operate reasonably, no matter the spirit or the material of Taiwan defence will soon collapse. As long as the brand is hanged out, Taiwan will be messy, and we can accomplish this task.