110、The Cross-Straits Status Quo Is Maintained on the Basis of Reconciliation

6 August 2015

Taiwan has maintained the status quo in recent years because the people of Taiwan ousted Chen Shuibian and proposed reconciliation that very year. Of course, Mainland China needed to give both sides time to heal the rift and repair the relationship.

However, the pro-independence forces in Taiwan have increased in recent years and it seems that they don’t want reconciliation at all. The Kuomintang Party releases the goodwill to repair the relationship, while the pro-independence forces in Taiwan undermine reconciliation in all aspects and adhere to the Taiwan independence.

In my opinion, only the reconciliation faction is in power, and it will be necessary to maintain the status quo.

If the Taiwan independence faction comes to power, it is absolutely impossible for us to maintain the status quo. We should accuse those pro-independence forces of supporting Taiwan independence, and carry out military exercises around the island of Taiwan every day, and always get ready for a war and ready to solve the Taiwan issue by force, thereby forcing the Taiwan independence faction to make a choice between peace and war immediately.

The pro- independence forces in Taiwan would rather surrender to Japan and admit the words as follows than accept the reconciliation with Mainland China: ‘Taiwan signed an agreement with Japan that very year and was active and willing to provide comfort women for Japan.’ Where is the dignity of Chinese people if we do not start a war?

Taiwan should take a good direction for the sake of a good result.

However, if Taiwan wants to throw the handle after the blade and is not willing to seek a good result, Mainland China will keep it company and fight to the finish.

China has developed so many high-tech weapons and it also should look for a target to give them a try; otherwise, nobody knows whether those weapons are useful or useless.

Taiwan is nothing but a rascal, and it refuses to be convinced until it is faced with grim reality. Talking at random is just for the sake of time wasting. Mainland China needed some time to enhance its economic and military strength at that time, but now, I think Mainland China has the ability to solve the Taiwan issue by force. After all, to solve the issue relies on force ultimately and there is no use in discussing.

The entire world is anti-fascist and Japan is asked to face up to history and offer an apology. In order to become royal subjects of the Japanese emperor, the pro-independence forces in Taiwan unexpectedly agitated students to cry out loud in front of the Ministry of Education, which has made me furious. The ugly and dirty human nature of those forces and students has been revealed, but I feel people cannot be shameless to this point. China should start a war to kill them if these forces and students do not commit suicide for an apology immediately.

Both anti-course outline and sunflower are small movements. The pro-independence forces in Taiwan and those anti-course outline students should die on the battlefield if they do not die at home because they are devils and should die in short.

Chinese people are most particular about trying peaceful means before resorting to force. After saying something nice and reasoning things out, it is time for China to meet on the battlefield and solve the issue by force.

Do not always let others have a misconception: ‘Chinese leaders dare not start a war’; otherwise, it is not good that someone thinks they can do whatever they want. Therefore, it is necessary to start a war at an appropriate time.