108、Psychoanalysis of the Making Trouble from Some People Wearing Masks in the Streets in Hong Kong

13 May 2015

Making trouble in the streets aims to draw the attention of others. However, some people in Hong Kong wore masks in order not to be recognised themselves.

When the people in IS make trouble, they also wear masks. However, it is impossible for some people in Hong Kong to be incomparable to those in IS. There is the essential difference between them in terms of psychoanalysis.

It should be the national culture to wear masks in IS. They also wear masks while they are in peace. So there is no necessary connection between wearing masks and making trouble.

However, some Hong Kong people usually do not wear masks. Only when they make trouble do they wear masks. We need to employ Freudian psychoanalysis to scientifically analyse the psychological motivations of the Hong Kong people with masks.

According to Freudian psychoanalysis theory, there are motivations hiding behind all the behaviours of human being, which provides the power for human behaviours. The appearance of this type of motivation is caused by the basic reason that the sexual life is not satisfying. This is Freudian ‘pansexualism’.

A lot of people are not likely to accept ‘pansexualism’ because it is the subconscious issue of humans. Subconsciousness is the consciousness that humans cannot perceive. However, it influences human behaviours all the time. Therefore, numerous non-professionals find it impossible to comprehend the subconsciousness, neither can they even comprehend the ‘pansexualism’. But still I think the ‘pansexualism’ is perfectly suited to the certain Hong Kong’s citizens, which also covers certain Taiwanese students.

According to the psychoanalysis, some Hong Kong people made trouble in the streets because they have not achieved the sexual satisfaction at home for a long time and have needed to seek some other ways to satisfy themselves. The best way to vent their feelings is to make trouble in the streets and the sexual vent is a kind of relatively private affair. Therefore, they cannot make their sexual vent been exposed to acquaintances and needed to wear masks to conduct vent. This is the psychoanalysis and the psychological motivation of the bottom of the inner heart for the troublemakers in the streets of Hong Kong.

The most reasonable way to solve this issue is to ought to whip them and use the Viagra. Whip is also a proper way for them to receive the sexual satisfaction. You can find they are sold in the sex shops in all our streets, which indicates that this product is now in great demand.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government should meet the reasonable requirements of those troublemakers and whips them without mercy. Then, it should hand out a certain amount of Viagra to everyone according to the budget and ask their families to take them home and to conduct the instruction for them well. It is estimated that this issue can be successfully resolved and their sickness can be thoroughly cured.