107、Student Movements Are Absurd Activities Led by Simple-Minded Students with Well-Developed Body

5 May 2015

I have gone through and seen several student movements, for example, the riot on June 4, the turmoil in Hong Kong of occupying central and the student movement in Taiwan on March 18.

Thinking about us as students in school, in the history book the Youth Movement of May 4 is flattered as a legend, and May 4 is kept as the statutory youth festival.

I have a stronger and stronger feeling that it’s total nonsense.

I think the Youth Day of May 4 should be abolished. While the content concerning the Youth Movement in textbooks should be deleted.

Besides, the reason why our government praise highly of the Youth Movement is that the whole nation was uncivilised at that time, and it was in the semi-colonic and semi-feudal era. Students at that time are the batch of people standing at the frontier of modern social civilisation, therefore at that time they can represent social civilisation.

But nowadays we are not living in the semi-colonic and semi-feudal era. Generation after generation, there are batches of modern university students and social elites. Students nurtured by schools nowadays cannot represent advanced culture at all. On the contrary, they have no practical and social experience. Compared with those social elites, they are wholly trash. They are nothing but some young playboys and playgirls. They are merely some unemployed youth yearning for jobs and employed population. Except that, they are otherwise nothing at all.

Lyrics of graduation songs such as saving the country and the people and relieve people from miseries are obsolete stories. If you are talking about these nowadays, others will doubt that you are yawning or you have taken wrong pills. Our country has strong national defence power and scientific research groups, so it’s not your turn to save the country and the people. You want to show off, make some contributions to the society first. Otherwise it’s nonsense.

So labour movement is more or less reasonable, while student movement is total nonsense.

The Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China is under the leadership of the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants. Because it’s not under the leadership of students, it has nothing to do with them. Students are merely led and administrated by others. Thus student movement is fiddle-faddle, absolutely ridiculous. Students are simple-minded with body well-developed.

The reason is obvious. Who is the student? Students are the people living on the labour of others, quite conceited with half knowledge.

There is a common saying abroad, ‘Half knowledge is worse than knowing nothing.’

A Chinese saying says, ‘You can’t tell the expenses of living without housekeeping.’

Those students have neither been capitalists nor workers even a single day. Everything is merely hearsay for them, so they have no practical experience at all. Besides, in their own conceit, they are coming fresh out of the ivory tower, and hence are superior to others. Frankly speaking, they are too simple-minded and absurd.

I have been a student before, but I think for all things, without one’s own experience and attempt, one is not qualified to speak or even take actions.

Why so many people have sacrificed their lives in communist movements? Just because Marx has never been a capitalist or a worker even a single day. In his own conceit, he thought he could lead world worker revolution after reading a few books.

Marx typically represents students with a smatter of knowledge. But human society cannot step forward without blood. That’s the destiny of human being. So sacrificing man’s life in revolutions guided by Marx is also the necessary stage to get through. Without sacrifice of predecessors, China cannot make such achievements now. The achievements in China summarise the historical experience of mankind.

Foreigners said, ‘Making the same mistake twice, one deserves to be ruined.’ Those ridiculous students with a smattering of knowledge kidnapping the society is just like Marx leading worker revolutions. They are of the same nature.

The riot on June 4, the turmoil in Hong Kong of occupying central, and the student movement in Taiwan on March 18 led by students are the same as Marx’s pat on the head, which resulted in the same disastrous failure.

Business leaders have different opinions with students in the movement. They thought the government should pass through political reform. That’s a practical action and a choice facing the reality. That’s the thought of mature entrepreneurs.

But those students are merely hatchet men hired by conspirators. They are wholly terrorists hired by politicians, and wholly trash. They are absolutely delinquent juveniles disturbing public order, the undesirable people in the society.

The existing caning in Singapore is completely and perfectly applicable for these delinquent juveniles, undesirable people in society, and disobedient students as well. And we shall execute caning in front of their classmates.