102、Confiscation of Property Shall be Applied to Punish Occupy Central Participants in Hong Kong as Compensation for Loss

15 December 2014

In a legal society, one shall be responsible for his behaviour, and a man shall be responsible.

Occupy Central has brought a loss of several hundreds of billions to legal merchants in the occupied locations, and the government is required to uphold justice and help them to get compensation.

You have to pay for having entertainments, and pay the bill, instead of walking away after what happened. The merchants want to get compensation, and the civilian need to get money, so someone must pay for this. There is no reason that the merchants shall tolerate all these. The business premises were used, someone was raped, and no one took the responsibility for this? Where is the fairness? Where is the justice? Where is legal institution? Where is the money?

The rent, employee’s salary, loss of labour expenses, business operation, garbage collection, and overtime pay, all these fees shall be paid.

The participant of Occupy Central who signed in and showed up will share the fees based on weighted average according to the days and time that spent on the event. Welcome to report the name of the people who attended the event, but not found, and such report will be rewarded with money.

The mainland governments shall uphold justice and provide remedy for those merchants to pay counsel fee or organise a legal team to help the merchants in lawsuit and assist them to get compensation through legal procedures. Let’s experience the so called justice of democratic legislative system. We will see whether it is a real justice or not then. Since it happened already, what shall we do to uphold the justice? How to compensate the loss of the merchants? All these problems shall be solved well, so the national citizens can really understand the degree of democracy, how democratic system protects the benefits of the public and the rights of the merchants.

‘A life shall be paid by a life, and money shall be paid for debt.’ Money compensation shall be made for the public’s loss. One shall not play fool and walk away from his mistakes. Aren’t the democrats very passionate? Dare you pay for what you did and compensate the loss of others with money.

The Occupy Central participants shall confiscate the property, frozen the bank account, and send them to the jail if they don’t pay others for the loss.

This is justice.