97、Education through Labour System Is Applicable to Hong Kong

26 August 2014

Also known as reform through labour, education through labour has been used in Mainland China for many years. It was just abolished recently.

This is because people in Mainland China have good upbringing and the sense of discipline and collectivity, without requiring such system.

However, Hong Kong people, on the other hand, still need the education through labour system for further education.

I don’t know who invented it. But it did work. It was and is a good system.

Education through labour is the process in which people with minor crimes or disruption to social order are reformed through labour. Generally, they are undereducated crooks. They are inflated with selfish desires, without the sense of public interest, not to mention law-abiding. Through simple collective and forced labour, they are provided the opportunities to think about their behaviours in a closed environment. What is more important? Selfish desires or public interest? Personal rights or public rights? This is a purification process of the soul. Through this process, people can thoroughly remould themselves and enhance their own awareness. In this collective and forced practice, people can wash all the dirt in their heart and soul.

The consciousness and idea are the basic moral standards. One should admit to public interest and regard public interest as more important and glorious. At the same time, complying with the social order is also one of the basic moral standards. Some education needs to be forced by the country due to insufficient family education.

Some people also need to sort out who we should listen to, the Communist Party or the reactionist.

The reactionist represents the inflation of selfish desires, while the Communist Party represents the interests of the whole country.

How could we be assured to let them in the society if they cannot think through these basic things? I am afraid they will still endanger the society.

We can abolish education through labour system only when the Three Represents theory becomes a culture and an inherent thought, and when respecting public interest becomes a subconsciousness.

There are a large number of people in Hong Kong that need education through labour.

We should help and save them.