96、Hong Kong Is the Trash of Democracy

24 August 2014

It is said that there are British spies specialising in directing Hong Kongers to go against the Communist Party, to subvert the government and launch democratic and launch democratic revolution, just like Iraq and Libya.

In my view, it is the results of the mainland government’s low profile and condoning policy.

Netizens said, ‘Hong Kongers will not protest even their father is killed, but someone even stirred up trouble for the death of a stray dog to ask for apology from the government.’ It is extremely shameless.

I strongly recommend Yulin people to hold Dog Meat Festival in Hong Kong and arrest troublemakers to reform by labour in Xinjiang and never release them unless they write the letter of repentance, make an apology to all Chinese people. If they refuse to apologise, it means they are still in need of labour reform. They can only return home by posting their letter of repentance on the internet after the completion of labour reform.

We need to let the Hong Kongers know who is the big boss, the gangdom or the Communist Party. Make them face shame and get the point. To cause trouble, just make a big sensation, rather than the sissy small-scale campaigns.

Because of the sluggish Hong Kong economy in the past two years, the mainland government encourages people to travel in Hong Kong to boost the local economy. Even now the mainland government is still offering travel subsidies.

These travellers to Hong Kong told me that Falun Gong materials were placed and distributed everywhere in Hong Kong. In Mainland China, Falun Gong is a heavy offense, but it can be freely circulated in Hong Kong.

Holy shit!

I have never been to Hong Kong so far. This is condoning, and this is the so-called ‘give you an inch and you want a yard’.

Hong Kongers need punishment.

In my opinion, these make a fuss about dog should also make an issue of pig. Only safeguarding the right of dog while paying no attention to the right of pig is racial discrimination. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘worse than pigs and dogs’, it indicates that pigs and dogs are family and are one of a kind.

These protect the right of dog eating pork every day is actually racial discrimination and genocide.

The Anti-humanitarian Act

Which is cut from the same cloth as fascism.

What follow the pigs are chickens, cattles . . .

It’s not difficult to make trouble and we will keep your company to the end.

This is the democracy, a trash.